Mother Squad, Inc.

Our Story

What they don’t tell you when you become a new mom is that you will often feel completely invisible. Many new moms come to the realization that any attention that comes their way isn’t really about them — it’s about the baby. At the same time, being pregnant and being a new mom is often an incredibly difficult experience. What ends up happening is that just when a person needs help and attention is exactly the same time that all of that help and attention is diverted elsewhere.

We, of course, understand why this is, as moms ourselves. Babies need help and nurturing. We just don’t think that this is a one-or-the-other situation. There is a multi-multi billion dollar industry committed to telling you how to raise your kids and selling you things to glam up the process — but where are the people helping you be a happy version of yourself in this new phase of your life? While there are endless amounts of focus on motherhood, there’s little focus on the actual mother.

This is why Mother Squad exists. Despite what advertisements and Instagram feeds tell us, we know that motherhood isn’t always pretty. We know that moms need a place where they can feel safe talking about their imperfect motherhoods. We strongly believe in the power of these personal experiences — and so it’s fitting that a personal experience is why we began. Our founder, Karisa Peer, is not only a new mom, but has also dealt with many of the same issues a lot of other mothers go through. Karisa was placed on bed rest during long periods of her pregnancy, which was extremely isolating and challenging for her.

She later found out that this is far more common than we commonly believe, but while it was happening Karisa truly felt the lack of a support structure for moms whose pregnancies are anything but perfect. She had to jury-rig a custom support structure of her own to get her through that difficult time.

Mother Squad is here to provide that support and that safe space for any new mom. We are here to make sure that you are recognized and that you are valued. We are here for moms who are stuck without anyone to relate to — whether you’re stuck at home, at the hospital, or in a demanding schedule. It is incredibly empowering for expectant and new moms to come together to support and learn from another. It is equally powerful to have a space where you know the focus is you, whatever you might need.

We offer support that fits your situation, wherever you are, by using videochat to connect you to new moms and professional facilitators. We are here to focus on you, the mother. You can choose times that are convenient to you, and it can be accessed from any device, and — perhaps most importantly — you can do it from your couch!

Learn more about Karisa and our team here.