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Pay-As-You-Go Groups
Drop-In Squad


Our Pay-As-You-Go groups are the best of both worlds. Easy, affordable, commitment-free, and peer-reviewed! These video chat sessions are led by our verified facilitators, who are experts on all things mom. Think of it as crowdsourcing a professional with 10-15 friends who likely have very similar questions to the ones on your mind.

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Baby Shower Special
Drop-In Squad + Onesie


Most baby showers only focus on the baby. What about the mom? At Mother Squad, we believe happy mom equals happy baby. Our drop-in sessions provide support and education, specifically for pregnant and new moms. Buy a Mother Squad drop-in video chat session for an expectant or new mom in your life plus an adorable Mother Squad onesie for her new baby.

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Weekly Groups
4-week package


Our Weekly Squads are smaller video chat groups where 6-8 moms can get more airtime with our early motherhood experts and bond with one another for four consecutive weeks. Group time is spent unpacking new moms’ experiences and discussing concrete strategies to help with new moms' challenges.

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