Mother Squad, Inc.

Meet our Community Partners

Mother Squad is excited to announce its newest partnerships here. These organizations share Mother Squad’s mission of supporting moms through early motherhood.


Ashley Ruiz created the The Mommy Care Kit after giving birth to her daughters. At the time, Ashley was not fully aware that postpartum recovery would be so challenging. Each of her Mommy Care Kits contains everything a new mom needs to physically care for herself while caring for a new baby. From a giant water bottle and easy-to-grab snacks, to healing essentials like nipple cream, postpartum spray, ice packs, hemorrhoid cream, and a perineal spray bottle--the Mommy Care Kit has everything covered for new moms.


Mother Squad, Inc. is excited to be a Reclaim Motherhood sponsor. They’re an amazing call-to-action campaign and documentary film that seeks to empower mothers to challenge American society’s social and cultural stigma towards motherhood and caregiving. They’re currently looking for additional sponsors, so check them out if you’re interested in supporting their cause.