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Your early motherhood
support team

Your early motherhood
support team


Guided by
mom-care experts


Grouped with
like-minded moms


Connect via computer or smartphone

Video chat groups
that provide support and guidance
for pregnant or new moms.

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Why Mother Squad?

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Why Mother Squad?

  • We focus on you. The mom. Your needs. Your well-being.
  • Judgment-free groups led by experts.
  • Carefully selected info and tips on early motherhood.
  • Our video chats connect moms across the U.S. to one another.
  • Minimal time commitment. Meet once a week for an hour.
  • Daytime and evening sessions, seven days a week.

What moms are saying:

Our Facilitators

Highly qualified experts provide moms in each group with educational info and added support. Read more about each of them below!

What facilitators are saying:

What happens during each group session?

Moms pick specific topics they want to cover at the beginning of the session. Our experts have put together a rich curriculum, with resources and strategies, on those topics.

Mother Squad Specials

NICU Squad


Our Mother Squad NICU groups are easy, affordable, commitment free and peer-reviewed. These video chat sessions are led by licensed therapists, Dr. Esther Chon and Dr. Sharon Tan, who have worked with NICU families for over a decade. You will also be in the group with other NICU parents who are on a similar journey.

Bedrest Squad


Our $10 drop-in Bedrest Squads are are a convenient and affordable way for expectant moms on bedrest—in hospitals or at home— to get the support that they need. Our groups connect you with a therapist who was on bedrest during her pregnancy, as well as with other women who are currently on bedrest. Our groups help women receive connection, empathy, and validation.

Our Packages

Pay-As-You-Go Groups
Drop-In Squad


Our Pay-As-You-Go groups are the best of both worlds. Easy, affordable, commitment-free, and peer-reviewed! These video chat sessions are led by our verified facilitators, who are experts on all things mom. Think of it as crowdsourcing a professional with 10-15 friends who likely have very similar questions to the ones on your mind.

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Happy Mommy, Happy Baby Special
Drop-In Squad + Onesie


At Mother Squad, we believe happy mom equals happy baby. Our focus is on providing moms with invaluable support, education, and encouragement from experts and other moms through our live video chat groups.
Buy one of our Mother Squad drop-in sessions plus an adorable Mother Squad onesie for your little one.

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Weekly Groups
4-week package


Our Weekly Squads are smaller video chat groups where 6-8 moms can get more airtime with our early motherhood experts and bond with one another for four consecutive weeks. Group time is spent unpacking new moms’ experiences and discussing concrete strategies to help with new moms' challenges.

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